“Everything you can imagine is real!”
Pablo Picasso
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About Sparkling Day

It all begins with an idea!

Driven by our passion for creation, by inspiration and hospitality, we built this team that through elegance and glam, we create unique events that no one will ever forget. Our goal is to make your event day a luxurious celebration full of pleasure, for both you and your attendees. Through our work we want to urge people to approach us and see for themselves that organizing a dreamy event is an affordable luxury! Enjoy every minute with your loved ones and let the stress of the event be upon us because Everything you can imagine is real!
Sofia Fakou

Why us?

Because Sparkling Day can organize your events to be luxury and elegant but also affordable! Because we adore working on your moments of happiness! Because our job is to save time and money for you so you will enjoy your event!! Because we will be there in the best moments of your life discreetly and quietly with one and only target! To make everything work as planned, releiving you from the stress that even a small detail can create! Because we love our job and we do it with passion! Because we can assure you that you will not regret it!
About Sparkling Day

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